It says, “Birds of the same feather, flock together.” It also says, “Opposites attract.” Confused?

Harry Hemsley has spelled it out aptly – “English language to explain is very hard indeed.” But here`s an attempt by yours truly to reconcile the contradictory stands that the English language has taken in this regard. And I hope to do it through a movie that we`ve all watched and loved… Wake Up Sid!

One scene of the movie, gone unnoticed by many, that I found of great relevance was the one when Sid goes out to party with his old buddies as well as his newest friend, Aisha. They all get drunk. But it is the style of the hangover that brings forth the difference in Sid`s new found choice of company.The carefree Sid of the earlier days would have preferred dancing the night away or going for a fast ride and feeling the speed of the car by standing at the sunroof (with ‘Main Kya Karoon’ playing in the background). Instead, he chooses a calmer, toned down yet soothing alternative when he starts singing “Pehla Nasha” along with Aisha. His old mates look on, coming to terms with the fact that the Sid they now know is not the same Party Animal that he used to be.

What transformed him from a directionless spendthrift to a goal-oriented independent man was a chain of events- that started from the “D-Day”. The fact that he failed in the exams did not give him as much pain as the fact that his friends passed in them. Hence, it did not take him even a minute to distance himself from his “like-minded pals of the good times”. Eventually, he turned to Aisha. The ambitious go-getter in Aisha was in complete contrast with the laid-back Sid. While she was a “New Girl in Town”, Sid was a spoilt child who had taken the ‘City of Dreams’ for granted by living on his dad`s wealth. However, he found in Aisha a support system that only she was capable of providing. She not only helped him get a job, but also, her struggle made him realize the worth of his own dreams.

As far as Aisha is concerned,she faced the same chain of events, but on a different level. She used to ridicule Sid, for being a “bacha” ย in stark contrast with the image that she had in her head of herself- a mature independent grown-up. That was the same reason why she saw herself more inclined towards her suave boss, played by Rahul Khanna. She thought of him as a “like-minded” person because of their mutual interest in a creative field like print media. But the moment when her boss dubbed her taste in music as ‘immature’, she felt embarrassed. It was then that she found herself in Sid`s shoes and realized that it was better to sing “Pehla Nasha” with the stupid Sid rather than sitting through a rather dull Jazz Night in order to please her boss.

Both Sid and Aisha, in their quest for like-minded people, landed up with each other ultimately. In spite of countless differences in their personas, they shared a common ground in their love for old songs. Moreover, the reason that they eventually turned to each other was the very fact that they were opposites. They completed each other in a way that nobody else could. And when they did so, they were no longer opposites.They became part of the whole and whole of the part. It was when they had foundย themselves in each other, that they found each other in themselves.

Made of the same Stardust. Echoing the same frequency. (Read : Goonja sa hai koi iktara, iktara..)



10 thoughts on “Goonja Sa Hai Koi Iktara!

  1. It is so beautifully written! You can write such things so simply and still it gets etched in my head.
    Totally love your writing style!
    Good luck for Inked In White.

    Btw was just wondering, do you also write fiction?

    Thumbs up!


  2. I never knew my best friend was such an amazing writer! ๐Ÿ˜€ High you reach, Devansh! ๐Ÿ™‚ Eagerly waiting for your next post! Put it up really soon! ๐Ÿ˜€


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