Not Just for the “Name’s-Sake”

The two months that I was in St. Xavier’s College Mumbai, I had gained instant stardom. No, not because of my charming personality but because of something that I had been blessed with when I stepped foot into this world – my name.

Devansh Mehta had made quite a mark in the college, not only through his intellect but also through his rebellious nature. The JC (Junior College) guys were already familiar with Mr. Devansh’s rather anti-estd. Ways. And it did not take too long for the freshers to follow suit.

Also, Devansh boasted of certain edges over his Jaipur counterpart, who happens to be, yours truly.
1. He made it to Xavier’s Mumbai before I did.
2. He quit Xavier’s Mumbai before I did, which is quite clearly a remarkable feat given that you have read the beginning carefully.
3. The reason why he left was to join St. Stephen’s College, Delhi – the very same college that I was 1 mark (yes, 0.25%) short of getting into. Damn! Still hurts!

Now, three years later I find myself reading a newpaper report, with a big sadistic smile on my face – Devansh Mehta has moved to the Delhi High Court, to appeal against the Principal’s disciplinary action against him for launching the college E-Magazine, without his approval. The Principal had suspended him and barred him from attending the graduation ceremony for publishing his interview in the magazine without his consent. However, the High Court has now put a stay on the suspension to uphold the Right to Freedom of Expression.

I wholeheartedly (and with a lot of bias) support my namesake, not just because he has a beautiful name but also because his fight is against an institution that the geek in me has certain reservations with, for obvious reasons.

I am pretty sure that this guy, though I’ve interacted with him only once, is going to make me even more popular in the future.

(Read : ye ladka “mera naam” raushan karega!)


12 thoughts on “Not Just for the “Name’s-Sake”

  1. Thanks a lot my dear namesake! It’s great that the issue has not been confined to just one college but has spread with students from all over expressing their support and speaking out (ranjas college has also organized a protest against arbitrariness of their principal). Here’s to hoping this becomes more than just about one person and students all over find their voice.


  2. you, sir, are a very good writer. such a serious issue is somehow wrapped with some beautiful language and without much effort, it manages to convey a strong message. The personal touches are noteworthy too.


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