April 30 2015. The date when I travelled via air for the first time. But it took me a bit long to recall the date, perhaps because the event  wasn`t as thrilling as I had assumed it to be.  Since my journey was from Jaipur to Bangalore, the only view I could relish was that of the barren land. Also, the speed of the plane seemed so excruciatingly slow that it reminded me of those good ol` cycle rickshaw days – Bani Park to C-Scheme in just 20 bucks! But unlike the flight experience, it was neither exorbitant nor claustrophobic.

The only exciting part was the take off – no, not even the lukewarm landing. But the butterflies in the stomach was an exaggeration. What I really loved was the view of my hometown when the flight got airborne. The city looked simply beautiful, especially after waiting for so long on the deserted runway.

Perhaps I have grown out of such juvenile experiences. Or perhaps I had a veteran in my mom besides me, who is a seasoned globetrotter. Or perhaps because I have travelled in trains too much. That feeling when the wind makes contact with your face is way better than the noxious air-conditioned air of the plane. Meeting a diverse range of people belonging to various cultures is refreshingly different from ear-plugged epitomes of indifference. Even, the excitement of taking off, fades in comparison to the exhilaration of catching a train. The multiple security checks at the airport seem like a cumbersome chain of events particularly when one is used to boarding a missing train in a haste. It is nothing short of an achievement  whereas the flight journey, notwithstanding the economy of time, seems like an elitist extravaganza to me!

And, I would rather stay grounded, in more ways than one.


6 thoughts on “AERIAL BLUES

  1. Flights, I have always found them depressing. The only thrilling and exciting flight journey I’ve experienced is the turbulence one. Trains are fun and happening! ❤
    The real happiness of life also lies in staying on the ground than flying all alone, up in today's polluted air. 🙂

    Ps amazingly written. Keep it up!


  2. The memories of those train jouneys will always be cherished by me. Any dull, morose flight jouney would never be able to match up to the excitement that ‘Indian Railways’ is.
    The blog made me nostalgic. :’)
    Thanks for this.


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