The exam season is on! It’s hectic, it’s frustrating! Once you get out of this exam mode, it is natural to feel disillusioned and tired.

A drop year can not only rejuvenate you but also allow you to explore avenues with a fresh mind. So if you’re uncertain about how your life will shape up, take a drop, explore and make an informed career choice thereafter.

Here are six constructive ways that will help you grow and know yourself better after 12 months:

1. Learn a language!

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Learning a new language like French, Spanish or German comes in handy while working or studying abroad. If professional courses offered by the state university are not your cup of tea, then websites like are a good substitute to learn the language.

2. Travel across the Nation

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When you’re in college, your travel destinations are mostly college fests or back home. So, make the most of your drop year and visit all your school friends studying in different cities. Coax them to give you a tour of their city. Also, travelling to attend niche events like film fests, literature festivals, NH Weekenders and Comic Cons is a cathartic experience altogether.

3. Intern Abroad

Image Courtesy: AIESEC

Organisations like AIESEC provide young blood the golden opportunity of cross-cultural exposure through internship programs in countries like Russia and Australia. You might just be teaching basic English to a few Serbians but at the end of the day, the experience proves to be more rewarding for you than for them.

4. Go for a Swim

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Since India’s education and jobs are largely confined to desks and cubicles, it is essential to indulge in a physical exercise daily. Swimming is an ideal sport to take up because it not only enhances your stamina and muscle power but also comes to your rescue when you’re in deep waters. Literally!

5. Photo-walks


There is no better way to explore your city than through the eyes of a camera. It captures the nuances that you have been taking for granted over the years.

6. Empower Others


Other than self-empowerment through the above mentioned points, what really enriches the year-long experience is serving others. This could be in the form of tutoring your juniors or joining an NGO to empower the underprivileged.

So, a drop year can be the life-altering ¬†phase of your life. Decades down the lane, you might be smiling inwardly and thanking that voice inside you that persuaded you to drop the year. “Dropper and proud.”





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