A eulogy to Severus Snape in words of the Sorting Hat…


The only time I felt more confused

sorting the Chosen One into his house

was while on the head of that Dark Wizard

with a muddled head yet a golden heart.


A master of Occlumency,

his head was tough to get into

But even when I could,

there was a constant battle between the red and the green.

His wand could as smoothly spell out Sectumsempra

as it could a silver doe – his patronus charm.

His eyes stared as coldly in suspicion

as they looked warmly, into those green eyes.


The Half Blood Prince,

he despised all muggles, and bowed before

both the Dark Lord and Dumbledore.

Severus Snape died a hero’s death, after living a villain’s life.

A troubled childhood, an eerie fascination towards the Dark Arts,

considerations that made me slot him into Slytherin.


“One of them was a Slytherin and the bravest man I know”,

Potter has declared, Nineteen Years Later.

Did I make the right decision, I often wondered.

I now feel sorted…

After all these years, and Always.

 – The Sorting Hat

Source: hp-intothefire.wdfiles.com

2 thoughts on “Slytherin… Sorted!

  1. What Snape exhibited was true love towards Emily.
    “After all these years , Always” this one line always make my eyes moist. I admire you Snape, I admire you.


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