“Have we found it yet?”

Uncle Sam asked the soldiers as they scooped out heaps of mud.  It was another one of those excavations, of archaeological proportions, which could change the course of history.

This was what the “Little Boy” standing right next to him, was given to understand. He did not, however, know what they were looking for. But the thought of going too far to accomplish their “Civilization Mission” irked him.

“If they kept digging, they will just look like the people we have been hired to civilize,” said the “Little Boy”.

“It is a White Man’s Burden to keep digging till we turn black,” said Uncle Sam pointing at the Little Boy, as rubbles of guns, missiles and bombs kept piling up.

“But why are we civilizing the men who destroyed those two beauties fifteen years ago?”

“Don’t beat around the Bush. Even you know what happened on 9-11. It was an accident. We cannot penalize these men for life,” said Uncle Sam, adjusting his hat a bit.

“Ya that is why we keep giving them iPhones, Coldplay concerts and free data calling. Oh wait, free data calling is not one of us. Or is he?”

“I guess he is. Or he will be once they kick him out of that country. But I don’t think that is ever going to happen. Why will they want to get rid of the most civilized citizen of their country?”

“Irrespective of the country he belongs to, he is doing an awesome job in carrying forward the civilization mission. You know, just like Mother Teresa,” said the Little Boy as he licked his McSwirl.

“I heard something. Did you find it, boys?” Uncle Sam shouted, peeping into the hole.

“No sir. Just some bones. Must be the farmers,” said the hole.

“Sigh! Carry on! We gotta find democracy before my birthday the day after,” ordered Uncle Sam, with a hint of disappointment in his voice.

“Why are we looking for democracy under the Earth? Are we looking for the grave? I don’t think it’s dead yet,” said the Little Boy, still licking his McSwirl.

“Nah! It’s not dead yet. But it’s on the verge of it. The machinery needs repair. We’re just looking for some oil to fix that.”

“But don’t we have enough of that in the Middle East?”

“Yeah, we do. But there are too many graves there. Impossible to dig. That’s why we are trying out India.”

“Oh. Why don’t we civilize the Middle East as well?”

“You ask too many questions. What’s your name, little boy,” asked Uncle Sam, handing him another McSwirl.

“Rahul. But I’m thinking of changing it to Joe as I am planning to work in the USA. What do you say?”

“Maybe. I think Rahul is a household name with the NRI audiences there. Don’t you wanna civilize your people here? Didn’t I just tell you that democracy is on the verge of death here?”

“Oh ya. Maybe I should. Hey, call 911!”



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